The Differences Between Regular And Organic Coffee

coffee5Many people wonder what the differences are between regular coffee and organic forms. There are quite a few of them to familiarize yourself with. First, it is important to realize that regular coffee bean plants are sprayed with a variety of harmful chemicals that they use to keep weeds and bugs from destroying their crops. Then they add more chemicals after the coffee beans have been harvested.

When you consider organic coffee, it is grown in a natural environment with lots of shade. No harmful chemicals are used at all even to fertilize the soil. Everything is organic so the finished product isn’t a health concern for you. The environment also benefits due to the reduction of harmful chemicals released into it. Birds are introduced to get rid of the bugs that could damage the crop of coffee beans.

Most of the larger coffee farmers for regular coffee don’t even use the shaded areas for the plants anymore. Instead, they remove trees and plant them in open fields. As a result they end up needing more fertilizer and more chemicals to get the same results. There are plenty of standards that an organic coffee farmer must meet in order to offer their harvest under such terms. In addition to avoiding chemicals they have to agree to rotate the fields where they grow the crops so that erosion of the soil doesn’t occur.

Since organic coffee takes more hands on attention to create, it is harvested in less volume than regular coffee. However, the trade off is that you get delicious coffee that is rich and smooth. It is offered in a variety of delicious flavors too with plenty of antioxidants that will cleanse your body. While organic coffee does cost more, it is well worth it when you consider all of the great benefits it offers both you and the environment.