Why Organic Coffee Is Good For You

coffee1Organic coffee is much better for you than regular coffee due to the amount of toxins the latter has in it. Many people don’t fully understand what is meant by organic coffee though so they are confused by it all. Not everything that appears to be organic really is either so be well aware of that fact.

In order for coffee beans to be classified as organic, they have to meet certain requirements. First, they can’t contain any types of chemicals that are of a synthetic nature. Second, they can’t contain any type of organism that has been genetically altered. Finally, other than water and salt the other ingredients in it must all be 100% organic.

There are some other alternatives to organic coffee beans and you need to know what they mean. For example if you see something labeled as certified organic it can lead you to think it is 100% organic but that isn’t the case. Instead it is only up to 95% organic. The rest of it isn’t and so you want to steer clear of such products out there in regards to organic coffee.

Products in either one of these categories can’t be treated with sludge from sewage either. This is a common practice with traditional coffee that you likely weren’t aware of. Organic coffee is much better for you due to the fact that your body won’t be taking in harmful chemicals. You can also feel good because animals and the environment aren’t being sacrificed in order for you to have the delicious coffee you want.

Too much caffeine is a factor that many people need to watch when they consume coffee. If you fit into that category, you will want to drink only organic decaffeinated forms of it. This is because traditional coffee used a type of carcinogen called Methylene Chloride along with Ethyl Acetate.

This is to remove the caffeine from them but those chemicals aren’t good for you. When you consume organic decaffeinated coffee though you will find it is only processed with hot water instead of harmful chemicals. Therefore you can drink it and it will actually be good for you.